There are aspects of Stella I’m familiar with in my own personality.
I feel I’ve been able to make peace with myself more because she’s so unapologetic about the island that she is. Yeah [I am a solitary person], I mean my [romantic] partners have consistently said, ‘You live this life I have no idea about.’ The idea of saying, ‘I’m thinking about doing this film, let’s talk about what it means for our life…’ It’s challenging for me. It’s not my first instinct. My first instinct is to decide, ‘Can I do this? Yes I can.’"
— Gillian Anderson [x]  (via scarlettsbutt)
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INKTOBER #01all she wanted was a pizza…



all she wanted was a pizza…

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im watching streetcar again. why am i doing this to myself

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At the beginning [of The X-Files] the pay disparity [between her and David Duchovny] was massive. But that happens all the time in Hollywood. It’s, ‘Do this for me, I’ll get you a job.’ All the stuff in the papers today about people in entertainment who have abused their position… [Sexism] is built into our society. It’s easy to miss and it’s easy to get used to it. There are things that are intolerable in today’s world, in terms of the perception of women. Whether they’re vamps or vixens… the expectation that, if a woman is wearing a short skirt, she’s ‘asking for it’."
— Gillian Anderson (x)
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me: hands in assignment

professor: immediately hands me rubric for another project 

me: image